It is our pleasure to work with families.  We understand the importance and value of family unity.

U.S. immigration laws provide for multiple avenues to unite families in the United States. Binsfeld Law Firm will gather pertinent information and explore all options for your family member or members to gain lawful permanent residency.

Misti Allen Binsfeld has been representing families seeking U.S. immigration benefits since 1996.  She is experienced in working with visa applicants from all over the world and understands the complexities and requirements of U.S. Embassies and Consulates.

Binsfeld Law Firm will identify a case plan for your family to help you reach your goals.  We seek to educate our clients regarding the process and estimated processing times.  Case processing times vary depending on whether the petitioner or sponsor is a U.S. citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident.  The beneficiary’s country of citizenship can also be an important factor in estimating processing times.

Some family members require a waiver to be eligible for lawful permanent residency.  The attorneys at Binsfeld Law Firm have extensive experience representing individuals who need waivers.  Our approach to waivers is thorough and individualized.


Employment based immigration offers temporary and permanent opportunities for all industries in small, medium, and large companies and organizations.  Misti Allen Binsfeld enjoys learning about new businesses and organizations.  She has been representing employers and employees since 1996.

Binsfeld Law Firm understands and appreciates the importance of business immigration in our competitive global marketplace.  Over the years, obtaining business visas has become more and more complex and competitive.  It is important to have a case plan that evaluates short and long-term goals for the employer and employee.  Often obtaining a temporary visa is necessary before pursuing a labor certification which leads to permanent residency status.  Binsfeld Law Firm represents employers in every step of the process.


U.S. immigration laws protect people who have suffered persecution or fear that they will suffer persecution if returned to their home country.

People come to the United States for many different reasons.  Binsfeld Law Firm works with individuals and families who are present in the United States because they have left their home country due to harm they have suffered or harm they fear.

Asylum law is complex.  It is important to seek legal counsel for a case evaluation as soon as you are able.  Although there are exceptions, individuals must apply for asylum within the first year of presence in the United States or within a reasonable time after the expiration of an authorized stay.

Misti Allen Binsfeld has represented asylum seekers since 1996.  She has worked with many women requesting protection in the United States from domestic violence, forced marriages, and female circumcision.  Misti Allen Binsfeld has also successfully represented many children seeking protection in the United States.  Over the last several years, she has successfully represented individuals seeking asylum due to political opinion.

Binsfeld Law Firm understands the sensitive nature of asylum cases.  We take our time to gather information, evaluate each case, and advocate for asylum applicants.  Misti Allen Binsfeld is honored to have met and worked with so many brave individuals and families who seek protection in the United States.


Waving the U.S. flag is a beautiful thing!

Every person in their lifetime should attend a U.S. Naturalization Ceremony.  It is beautiful.  Misti Allen Binsfeld has represented many applicants for U.S. citizenship.  Binsfeld Law Firm appreciates the long road to U.S. citizenship and enjoys working with individuals who seek to become U.S. citizens.

U.S. naturalization is the most common process that our clients seek.  Generally, individuals who have been Lawful Permanent Residents for three or five years are eligible to apply for naturalization.  The process includes completing an application and attending an interview with a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service officer.  Although there are exceptions, applicants must demonstrate an ability to communicate in English and have a basic understanding of American civics.  If an individual has had adverse contact with law enforcement, it is important to consult with legal counsel.  Once naturalized, U.S. citizens are able to sponsor family members more quickly.

Binsfeld Law Firm also represents U.S. citizens who need to obtain a certificate of citizenship or U.S. passport.  Citizenship laws are complex, especially when a U.S. citizen derives citizenship from a U.S. citizen parent.