Binsfeld Law Firm provides individualized legal services for U.S. immigration benefits.  Attorneys Misti Allen Binsfeld and Mikaela Devine, and their staff, offer legal representation for businesses, families and individuals.  In this changing climate of U.S. immigration policies, Binsfeld Law Firm recognizes that managing client matters in conjunction with frequent policy changes is more important than ever.

Binsfeld Law Firm is located in Highland Park Village in St. Paul.  The Highland Village neighborhood is easily accessible from all cities in the metro area.  This location offers convenient and free parking.

Binsfeld Law Firm provides legal services to companies and individuals in the Twin Cities, throughout Minnesota, across the United States, and abroad.  Video meetings are available and welcomed.

Binsfeld Law Firm aims to provide individual legal services in a welcoming and friendly professional environment.  Binsfeld Law Firm believes choosing the right lawyer and law office is integral to a client’s success.

The attorneys at Binsfeld Law Firm, Misti Allen Binsfeld, Owner and Managing Attorney, and Mikaela Devine, Associate Attorney, offer free telephone consultations.  Case assessments are thorough and reviewed throughout the course of legal representation.  Immigration policy is frequently changing, thus case plans are reviewed for new opportunities and solutions throughout the course of representation.

Attorneys Misti Allen Binsfeld and Mikaela Devine work with clients directly to determine client goals, gather information and identify all possible solutions.  Misti and Mikaela provide thorough explanations and work with clients to choose options that function the best for them.

Binsfeld Law Firm recognizes that the law does not always provide for a solution.  Members of Binsfeld Law Firm meet with law makers and advocate for the betterment of our communities.  We educate clients on how they can impact the political process to strengthen our communities.  The staff at Binsfeld Law Firm are committed to advocating for clients to achieve their goals – this includes working with our law makers to improve the U.S. immigration system.